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KETTLEBELLS FOR CLIMBERS 2 is a 12 week training plan written for the climber who is interested in furthering their practice of strength training with kettlebells.

Our coach Paul Corsaro, has built on the general principles learned in our popular Kettlebells for Climbers program to bring you the next step. Here we'll be progressing some movements, introducing new ones, and taking a slightly different approach than before, incorporating what we've learned and what's changed with our training philosophy regarding kettlebells over the years.

FOR: Climbers who already have an understanding of kettlebell fundamentals and are interested in advancing their kettlebell practice.

EQUIPMENT: You’ll need access to kettlebells. a selection of sizes is best, but at least 3 bells is recommended. a light bell (overhead press 8-10x), a moderate bell (5-8x), and a heavy bell (less than 5x).

DURATION: 12 Weeks

FREQUENCY: 2 sessions a week, 1 hour sessions

STRUCTURE: The plan consists of 3 distinct phases, each lasting 3 weeks, separated by a deload week designed to allow for adequate recovery and adaptation.

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